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Our Team

  • Since graduating from OHSU school of Nursing in 2003, Amy has immersed herself into a variety of patient care settings that includes Aesthetics, Post Anesthesia Care, and Emergency Nursing. As a wife and mother of three, Amy understands the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about Health and Beauty, living a life of disease prevention and always incorporating fitness. Since 2013, Amy has led with an "artistic eye" as she has individualized each Botox treatment. When Amy is not at work she enjoys, with her family, many of the outdoor opportunities that Southern Oregon has to offer such as camping, boating and hiking  
    Amy Cohee
  • Heather is a licensed Esthetician and currently studying for her Nutrition Coaching Certification.   She has always had an interest in the world of aesthetics.  She graduated from the Oregon Institute of Aesthetics and prides herself on constantly adapting to the needs of her clientele with anti-aging facial and skin treatments.  What has become her passion in recent years is the health and fitness industry.  After a dramatic weight loss journey of her own (175 pounds lost!), she now endeavors to help motivate others by working as a Nutrition Coach.  She loves to share her most effective diet tips and exercise advice.  She will be offering her nutrition and weight loss services at King Aesthetics starting in 2015.  She will be using the Precision Nutrition Program to help her clients optimize their health, wellness and body composition goals. Heather has lived in the Rogue Valley most of her life.  In her free time you can find her at the gym, hiking, biking, training for an obstacle course race or even the occasional 10k run.
    Heather FraughtonNutrition Coach
  • Maggie Johnson is living her lifelong dream, not only as a proud wife and mother of three, but as a catalyst in helping others achieve beautiful skin.  In 2003, after a ten year stint with a well-known cosmetic company, she followed her true-calling to become an esthetician.  She graduated from Oregon Institute of Aesthetics and started helping people with their skin care needs.  Maggie joined Dr. King’s team as a medical esthetician in 2007 and continues to feed her passion with ongoing education.  She recently attended The Institut DeRmed College of Advanced Aesthetics.  With this training she has improved her knowledge of chemical peels and overall skin treatments.  Maggie has also been trained and certified to operate Pelleve a noninvasive skin tightening treatment that utilizes Radiofrequency Technology.  Maggie also offers laser hair removal and Velashape body contouring treatments.  After 19 years in the industry, Maggie continues to develop and grow her skill set to help her clients attain healthy, radiant skin. In her free time, Maggie enjoys spending time in the great Oregon outdoors and bicycle riding with her family.  
    Maggie JohnsonMedical Aesthetician
  • Julie King MD, FACOG, joined MWC in the fall of 2002 and quickly gained the respect of her peers and the community. Dr. King cares for adults and adolescent women, providing comprehensive gynecological care. She heads MWC Fertility Program, a satellite program of the OHSU Fertility Program and was the first gynecologist in the Rogue Valley to perform laparoscopic hysterectomies.  She has the most experience with in office hysteroscopy, including the permanent birth control procedure Essure, Novasure endometrial ablation and many other office procedures.  Her priority is to provide minimally invasive high quality care for women. Dr. King expanded her interest with the opening of King Aesthetics, she has assembled together an excellent team of skin care specialists who are all seasoned experts in their fields. Dr. King personally performs many of the procedures herself such Smartlipo liposuction, labiaplasty, Botox and filler. Guaranteeing a high level of quality… whether you’re in need of infertility, gynecology care or products and services to improve your appearance, Dr. King and her knowledgeable staff are here to assist your individual needs.
    Julie KingOwner
  • Beth has been working for Dr. King since 2008. She is a certified surgical assistant and laser technician, and has enjoyed working in a surgical setting since 1994. She specializes in providing non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, vein therapy, IPL (intense pulse light) as well as Pelleve skin tightening and Velashape  body contouring treatments.  Beth spends time listening to her clients to obtain a clear understanding of their aesthetic goals, and create a naturally youthful appearance that so many of us long for as we age. She strives to make her clients feel relaxed, secure and comfortable during every treatment she performs. Beth enjoys an active lifestyle.  She competes on a rowing team, loves paddle boarding and has fun in the winter snowboarding.  
    Beth O'ConnorMedical Assistant

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