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Patient Stories

“Tuesday morning as I was putting sun screen on my face and neck I suddenly took a better look at myself and the changes since last week!! I am impressed with the Pelleve treatment. The extra skin under my chin is reduced ( not gone, but certainly reduced) and my jowls are smaller. Guess it was happening slowly and I just hadn’t paid attention for while!! WOW!!”


“I have always had extra facial hair. As a teen I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome – a condition in which there is an imbalance of a woman’s female sex hormones) I have tried bleach, waxing, and tweezing. Nothing worked. Doing the laser hair treatment, I don’t have to shave or tweeze! I can even pull my hair up in a ponytail where before I wasn’t able to. It has changed my life! If you are thinking about doing the laser treatment, I say DO IT!!!”


“If you are looking for instant gratification ask the gals at King Aesthetics for a Pelleve treatment. Once you have one you will definitely be back for more, it is like a miracle!”


“I have had three treatments of Pelleve at King Aesthetics to date. Beth O’Conner has been amazing! Besides helping my skin look more supple, smoother, and younger I feel as if I have been to the spa. Very relaxing. And to look younger without surgery…worth every penny!”


“I have had Laser Hair treatments at King Aesthetics. I have very dark hair and wasn’t sure how well this was going to work for me. After several treatments with Maggie Johnson I am very pleased with my results and to see how much it reduced the hair growth. I am very happy that Maggie introduced me to this treatment and I don’t have to worry anymore about bleaching or waxing my upper lip. Thank you for making me feel good and getting rid of the hair on my upper lip.”


The body is an amazing mass of cells. The body responds to what is eaten, how much and what kind of physical activity you do, and the effects of sleep and stress. It is amazing how when I started to lose the hair on top of head, hair began growing at will on other parts of the body. Over the years I had as much hair on my back as I had on my chest. I have never been embarrassed or self-conscious about body hair or where it was growing.  In September 2011, King Aesthetics offered a contest for the hairiest back. The prize was lazer hair removal. I thought, I had lost a sizable amount of weight so why not enter. The body had gotten smaller so the hair mass was in a more concentrated area. I won the hairy back
contest and now 6 months later my hairy back is no more. Beth, Lacey, and Julie
have been an awesome group of ladies to work with. I am looking forward to the letting the sun shine on my back, (protected by sunscreen of course) and showing off the great work done by King Aesthetics.

Mike Ussary


I just got back from Hawaii and for the first time in years I was able to throw on a bikini without thinking twice about waxing, shaving or anything! What a great feeling. Thank you so much!

Happy Laser Hair Removal Client

The staff at King Aesthetics are personable, professional and educated. Dr. King’s knowledge is impressive. I felt at ease and trust her completely with my aesthetics needs.


I am the most recent winner of the laser hair removal contest and being seen by Maggie for the treatments has been a wonderful experience. Due to some past health issues, I began growing facial hair at a young age and as I got older it got worse. Over time I realized just how detrimental an effect this had on every aspect of my life. By the time I was entered in to the contest, I had lost all my self-esteem and I had shut out any kind of social life by long ago leaving behind the job of creating relationships with others. Leaving my house for any reason had become an obsessive exercise of inspecting, hiding, covering, shaving plucking, self-loathing and crying! Now, after 6 short months of relatively painless and quick yet extremely effective treatments I am stunned by how different my life already looks. I’m more confident, more social, more relaxed, and I can walk out the door without a second thought. It feels so good to hold my head up high and by able to look people in their eyes! I am overflowing with gratitude to all the beautiful ladies at King Aesthetics who were always so kind and treated me with such care. They gave me so much more than the surface beautification I was expecting. To anyone else considering laser hair removal, I strongly encourage it.  Don’t wait! Maggie and the rest of the staff at King Aesthetics are phenomenal and you may end up giving yourself a bigger gift than you realize!

Laser Hair Removal winner

I have had the pleasure of receiving several treatments from the amazing ladies at KA. I have received BOTOX injections by Dr. King, who is not just an amazing Doctor, but truly a beautiful woman inside and out that lives out what she preaches. She truly cares for all her patients health and well being and every time I get the opportunity to chat with Julie  King, I always walk away feeling a little more special and a little more loved. I have had the dermaplaning with Beth, who is an absolute doll and extremely good and efficient at what she does. She truly cares for the comfort of her clients and is personally concerned with their results. Maggie performed a dermaplaning on me, a TCA peel, and has helped me with skin care and makeup. She is awesome and is also amazing at what she does and makes sure her clients are happy with their results. Maggie made sure to explain the TCA peel in detail, made sure my skin was properly prepared for it, made sure I knew exactly what to expect and called me at home to see how I was doing. I have loved each service I have received from KA and highly highly recommend them to anyone who might be considering them. There really is not a better staff in the valley!


I will be 56 in September – When I needed a polished look, for an important event, I contacted King Aesthetics and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Everyone in the office was extremely helpful in achieving my goal. My aesthetician, Maggie is amazing. I am referring friends and family.


Everyone I have worked with at King Aesthetics has been great! Maggie is amazing and I would recommend anyone to go see her! Both Maggie and Dr. King know how to take care of their patients! It’s why I keep coming back!


The entire staff at King Aesthetics is a great group of ladies that go out of their way to make my visit a great experience. Lacey and Cat call and remind me of every up coming appointments and always more than willing to accommodate last minute schedule changes. These two ladies keep the reception area moving smooth. I started coming into the office in October 2011 for a laser hair removal on my back. Beth took on the challenge (there was a lot of hair and surface area) and has done an outstanding and professional job on every visit. My dark hair has been everything else but accommodating to going away. Beth has always show concern and minimized any discomfort I may have experienced. The experience and procedure has been one I would recommend to anyone desiring to remove unwanted body hair


Beth is THE best! Period. She has done several laser treatments on me to rid my legs of spider veins and velashape as well. She is so thorough and friendly… An absolute gem!!!


I had the best first experience at King Aesthetics! It started out just an appt for derma-planing and a peel with Beth! She answered ALL my questions about their services and the pros and cons! At checkout I was contemplating some laser hair removal, I decided to go with a package and then to my surprise and delight….she fired up the machine and got me right back in for my first session! Excellent customer service and individualized treatment! Cat at the front desk was super sweet and very helpful as well! Overall I gave them an A+ ! I’m so excited for my next appointment and happy as a clam, with the results from all services received so far! Thanks KA for making me feel so comfortable!


I felt comfortable right away at King Aesthetics! All the ladies are so down to earth and friendly and really value the clients satisfaction in the treatment or product they are receiving. I just bought the colorscience sunscreen and I LOVE it! Sunscreen always breaks me out, and this hasn’t. I even wore it 5 days straight down at Lake Shasta (where there is no hot water or showers) and no breakouts, I was shocked! I feel really lucky to have King Aesthetics right here in Medford!


Thank you Dr. King for doing a fabulous job on me with those fillers!  I can’t believe how much younger I look, not to mention how I feel, when people comment on how “refresh” and rested I look!  Thank you so much for your talent and expertise on knowing exactly where to put them!! Also, having the series of the Pelleve skin treatments before getting the fillers, really made a difference.  Thank you for your recommendation of getting those beforehand.    I saved a lot of money having that done, rather than an eyelid surgery!  The results are fantastic!!!

I will be back for sure, when it is time.

P.S.  Your staff is wonderful too!


Nancy Sawicki

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