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Laser Hair Reduction

With our new elite MPX, we offer the most effective, safest laser hair reduction laser on the market. It has been extensively researched and tested, and proven highly effective in reducing unwanted hair on nearly every area of the body. You can see a difference in as few as 2 treatments.  The average number of treatments required to permanently reduce hair is approximately 6 treatments. Prices may change as per consultation.


Treatment Area Average fee per treatment Package of 6 w/ 20% discount
Upper Lip $66 $316
Chin $88 $422
Full Face $209 $1003
Upper Back $220 $1056
Lower Back $165 $792
Full Back $330 $1584
Underarms $110 $528
Arms $247 $1188
Bikini (line) $203 $976
Bikini (full) $302 $1452
Upper Legs $220 $1056
Lower Legs $247 $1188

Laser Hair Removal Club

Recognizing the need for maintenance treatments in 85% of patients, we decided to offer a year of laser hair removal treatments for $99. The “KA Hair Club” must be purchased on the day of your last treatment in your package, and treatments are spaced 8 weeks apart. If you choose to continue your treatments for a second year, you may purchase a second “KA Hair Club” for $199 if purchased in the last month of your 1st hair club. The laser club expires after your second year. The laser hair removal treatments are for the area that was treated in the original package purchased through King Aesthetics.

"I won the hairy back contest and now 6 months later my hairy back is no more. I am looking forward to letting the sun shine on my back and showing off the great work done by King Aesthetics"

Before and After 6 Laser Treatments

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