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Skin care

We offer several skin care services. Whether you need acne control, wrinkle reduction or simply want your skin to look and feel it’s best, we have the services, technicians and products for you.

Micropeels are a unique combination of a chemical peel and microdermabrasion that uses the power of the two technologies dramatically improve your results. We use micropeels to help prevent acne outbreaks, reduce scarring and wrinkles, and lighten brown spots.  We also use micropeels in conjunction with photofacials to improve overall  results. Photofacials are performed using either IPL – intense pulsed light or the Elite MPX laser to help reduce redness, brown spots and tighten your skin.

The laser and light target the damaged cells called melanocytes that are responsible for the pigment in your skin. If they are working correctly, when triggered by the sun, they produce a nice tan. But, as we age they malfunction and cause brown spots, “age spots”.  Our technology can help you clear your skin of these bothersome spots.  The laser also treats general redness, rosacea, and small capillaries of the face and body.  The laser also targets collagen. Collagen is one of the substances in your skin that gives it it’s “tightness” and “smoothness”. As we age collagen become damaged and wrinkles and saggy skin result. Our lasers can help reverse and delay this aging process

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